Frequently Asked Questions

How can you compare so many products?
Some aspects of our information collection are automated, while other parts require manual work.We always make sure you as a consumer get the most relevant information about products, retailers and prices.

Is this a deal website?
No.We are not a deal website.

Do you sell any products?
Our main objective is to provide product information and prices to consumers.At the moment time we write this FAQ page we don’t have any idea to sell products.But may be in future we will try to sell some selected products only.
Update (10/07/2020): Pricehunter has decided to launch a section to sell products online.

Do you have all the wholesalers and retailers in Pricehunter?
Well, we have listed most of them who is having an eCommerce site in our website.But anyone can register themselves using our website and start listing their products.

What about the accuracy of the prices?
This is bit of a challenging task.Right now we are updating prices real time.Sounds great right? Yes we do update prices real time.But we don’t update card offers in our website.However, Pricehunter does not guarantee that prices are correct. Prices may vary at stores and our effort will be to provide you with the updated prices.Therefore important that you double-check the price on the retailer’s website before completing a purchase.

How do you compare the prices for a product?
Retailers are sorted with the lowest price.We don’t consider shipping price when we compare product prices.You can always check the retailer’s site yourself for information on shipping costs.There are a number of exceptions that are worth knowing.As we compare many stores there are still many products that we have not yet been able to price compare.Some vendors has same products with different prices and different models.We are trying to mention these in our website.But as a consumer you make sure to double check this with the retailer before you purchase.

Which products are compared?
Our ambition is to present and compare as many products as possible. At Pricehunter you can compare everything from smart television and electric cooker to milk powder, shoes or cloths.

How do I find a product?
The easiest way is to click in the search box and enter what you are looking for, for example, “iPhone” or “iron”.You can use our category navigation or click the brand name that you want.

How do I find out more about a product?
See “Description” tab on compare page.We recommend you to visit to vendors or retailers website to find out more details about the product.Our intention is compare products so we are not to showing lots of product descriptions, specifications, images…etc on our website.They can be founded in vendors or retailers website.

Can I tip you about a product?
That would be great.Use our contact page and send a the product that you suggest us to compare.

How do I buy the product I want?
Click on the green “BUY FOR BEST PRICE” button for the retailer you want to visit which will send you to the retailer’s website.

What responsibility do you take if the product information on Pricehunter is wrong?
If you find any information that you think is wrong, we would be happy for you to contact us so that we can correct the problem.Again important that you carefully check the product information on the retailer’s website before completing a purchase.Also please read the “How do I find out more about a product?” section on this page.

What is Price Alert?
When you subscribe to our Price Alert free service we make sure to inform you via email or SMS about product price slashes.

What is Price History?
We maintain 180 days of price history of any product in Pricehunter.There you can see the price history graph, current price, highest price and the lowest price.

What is Price Statistic?
Most of our products has Price statistic section on price comparison page.Its a summary of available stores, lowest price, price differences between lowest and highest..etc

What is Price Drops?
We keep track of product price slashes.When there is a price drop for a product you can easily see them on Price Drop section.
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